Who We Are

Limavi is a full-cycle custom software development company specialising in the development of products for startups, SMEs and large enterprises. Our company provides a full set of IT services required to create and launch a software product: requirements analysis, solution architecture design, UI/UX design, development, DevOps, project management, post-production maintenance and support.

Our Expertise​

Our expertise includes but not limited to the following areas

Computer Vision & AI

We enable our customers to easily deal with complex image/video processing, image recognition, and exciting technologies like augmented reality. Our extensive experience with AI enables us to offer state-of-the-art solutions at the cutting edge of technology

Data Analysis

We have experts in data processing, analysis, and visualisations. We know how to work with sensitive personal and patient data considering policies and legal frameworks. If you are lost in your big data, we can help you in turning them into insights

Telecom Services

We are experts in developing and customizing telecommunication service platforms including SIP-clients, Messengers, VoIP routing, Billing systems, SMS Gateway, GSM-2-VoIP, Audio/Video streaming, SIM applets, IoT

Mobile Apps

We know how to develop native mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Moreover, we are continuously extending our expertise in cross-platform Xamarin and Cordova mobile development. Our developers have proven records in mobile application development project for many years

IT Infrastructure

We offer complex setup and maintenance of IT infrastructure on dedicated servers and cloud services. We take care of deployment, continuous integration, monitoring, replication and backup services. For urgent cases we provide second line support for your local service desk.

Web Applications

We have experience working with very small and complex WEB development projects. We use modern JavaScript libraries for developing front-end of the platform and supporting with reliable and high load backend.

Computer Vision & AI

We focused on modern technologies and approaches and for every customer we try to find the most intelligent solution. For sure we use Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence

Computer Vision

All kinds of image and video processing, face recognition, human identification and re-identification, argument reality, working with video streams, 3D visualisation

Artificial Intelligence

Advanced navigation algorithms for automative cars and robotics. Automatisation of business processes with CV integration

Our Computer Vision algorithms can detect, identify, track and analyze body poses of athletes in wide range of sports — like swimming, soccer or tennis.

Our smart algorithms recognize people — and can enhance retail CRMs or smart access control systems

Our pose detection algorithms are capable of human body pose analysis— which can be used for applications from automatic workout analysis to AR clothes fitting

We apply our Deep Learning expertise for image segmentation and annotation in different industries


We Love Startups

We have experience working with startups and we can mentor and execute all stages of the startup from the beginning to the scale stage

Analysis & Business Requirements

We help to analyse the market, prepare a strategy and define product requirements for a successful start

Develop MVP

We develop MVP to test all ideas and theories to launch a startup to the real world 

Scale Stage

We help to establish a team for the project and set up all working processes to prepare the project for expansion

Main Industries

Industries we are working with include but not limited to the following areas


– Remote SIM Provisioning, MVNO
– High Load VoIP Based Solutions
– Omni-channel
– Communication
– Video Streaming Services
– SMS Gateways
– IoT Solutions

Banking and FinTech

– Retail Bank Scoring Platform
– Accounting Systems
– Decision Support System
– Cloud Contact Center Platform
– Virtual Office


– eHealth Solutions
– Telemedicine solutions
– Digitisation of Patient Data
– Information security
– Healthcare Data Analysis
– Data Visualisation


– Product Prototyping
– Minimum Viable Product
– Deployment of IT infrastructure
– Architecture Design
– Graphic Design


How We Work

Project Based

We evaluate and estimate costs for your project and working according to defined plan and budget

Dedicated Team

We build a team according to your requirements and dedicate this team to your company including management and work environment


You pay for the time we spend on your project based on the Time and Material model

We are hiring!

We are hiring!

We are always on the lookout for new talented colleagues who can contribute to our projects.

If you do not find a match right now, please send us your CV and we will consider it and will contact you as soon as we have matched position.


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